Meet the Team

Who We Are

Solid Rock Shutterbugs is a family team that works with small businesses to
maximize their resources in offering each company’s unique services and products to their market.

Our team’s collective background in small companies, in a wide array of fields from livestock and agriculture to e-commerce and product manufacturing to real estate and construction to medicine and engineering, allows us to work individually with each company to achieve their goals and develop solutions as distinctive as they are.


Team Lead
Photography, Web Design, Branding, Print Design

Anna heads up Solid Rock Shutterbugs, focusing specifically on photography and web development. As a child, inspired by her mother and siblings, she learned to love capturing snapshots of the beauty of God’s handiwork that surrounds us, and began developing her photography skills through 4-H classes and competitions, focusing on nature and livestock.

As the lead photographer for Solid Rock Enterprises and Snowden Family Farm, she has honed her photography for livestock advertising, product advertising, and more. In that role, she worked intimately with several small business / family business websites, including e-commerce, service business, startup business, and livestock farm websites. Appreciating the value that websites and graphics design offers — especially to small businesses and freelancers — she took an increasing role in web development, serving now as the lead website designer / developer for Solid Rock Enterprises.

Anna holds an undergraduate certificate in Computer Programming from Colorado State University and in Web Development from Rutger’s University, the Oracle Certified Associate in Java development, the Project+ project management certification, and the ITIL Foundation IT service manager certification.


Composition & Details
Graphics & Illustrations, Photography,
Business Strategy

Lydia brings both ends of business marketing to the team, with a natural eye for composition and detail.
As a talented photographer and artist, Lydia is responsible for custom art and graphics, creating multiple sketches for review and revision until the customer’s goals are met, before handing the design off to be digitized. Her design projects — ranging from marketing materials and logos to custom product designs — are often inspired by her own photographs.
With a background in finance and small business, she also works to ensure that every detail of business and marketing strategy is considered, from the mission statement, to the target audience, to the steps necessary to convert goals into achievements.


Advertising, Branding, Graphics, Photography

Timothy has enjoyed a wide range of experience in a variety of small and startup business environments, including product development and manufacturing, and understands the unique opportunities and challenges of small and family businesses.
He graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Biomedical Engineering (magna cum laude). After working with two medical device startups and a family-owned safety engineering firm, he currently serves as Director of Operations at Solid Rock Enterprises, his family’s product development and manufacturing firm, where he works with consumer accessories, veterinary devices, and livestock and agricultural-related products, as well as being involved in technology and manufacturing automation.
Developing innovations is an integral part of helping mankind fulfill their calling to glorify God as faithful stewards of His creation. He strives to glorify God in working with small businesses to develop their innovations through developing comprehensive branding and advertising plans, including logos and graphic design, print design (brochures, business cards, and more), as well as photography and copy-writing (website and advertising content).